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Welcome to Mumford & Sons (Live). This will be an unofficial tip of the hat to Marcus Mumford, Ben Lovett, Winston Marshall, and Ted Dwane. (we don't post personal photos, info, or gossip.) We do enjoy everything else Mumford. Please contact me if you would like one of your photos removed, if you have general questions, and/or requests. Take care of yourselves and each another.


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    Thistle and Weeds - Mumford & Sons

    Mumford & Sons - Thistle and Weeds


    Mumford & Sons give a passionate performance of “Thistle and Weeds” in this recording from their concert at Club 69 in Brussels, Belgium on February 22, 2010.

    Click here to download!

    359 Plays | Download

    {Thistle and Weeds}

    Spare me your judgements and spare me your dreams,
    Cause recently mine have been tearing my seams,
    I sit alone in this winter clarity which clouds my mind,
    Alone in the wind and the rain you left me,
    It’s getting dark darling, too dark to see,
    And I’m on my knees, and your faith in shreds, it seems.

    (via thequib-bler-deactivated2013042)


    Surprise!  Not only do I have the download for “Feel the Tide” (as requested), but I’m sharing the boys’ entire Telluride 2010 show!  This is a fantastic collection and includes special appearances by the likes of Jerry Douglas, Sarah Jarosz, and Cadillac Sky.  Check out the set list:

    Sigh No More
    The Cave
    Roll Away Your Stone
    White Blank Page
    Nothing is Written
    Little Lion Man
    Lover of the Light
    Thistle and Weeds
    Awake My Soul
    Feel the Tide (audio preview here!)
    Dust Bowl Dance
    Where is My Heart
    Hey Jude

    Seriously, you need this concert in your collection.  Download it now and enjoy!

    Thistle and Weeds - Mumford and Sons

    Mumford and Sons - Thistle and Weeds


    Mumford and Sons give a passionate performance of “Thistle and Weeds” in this rare recording from their concert at the Nashville War Memorial Auditorium on November 1, 2010.

    (via thetideturning)

    190 Plays


    To listen to this passionate performance, click here.

    To download, click above.

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