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Welcome to Mumford & Sons (Live). This will be an unofficial tip of the hat to Marcus Mumford, Ben Lovett, Winston Marshall, and Ted Dwane. (we don't post personal photos, info, or gossip.) We do enjoy everything else Mumford. Please contact me if you would like one of your photos removed, if you have general questions, and/or requests. Take care of yourselves and each another.


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    That was definitely kind of a wow moment. To be fair it does fairly reflect what goes on in Mumford & Sons. I think we just gotta accept that bromance is there and sometimes guys just gotta kiss, you know?

    When Ben Lovett was asked “What did you think when you saw the kiss?” (in Hopeless Wanderer)

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    "I was a little bit like, ‘Holy shit. What have we done?’" - Mumford & Sons’ Ben Lovett about the new video for “Hopeless Wanderer.”

    Ben Lovett spoke with us about “Hopeless Wanderer,” (giving us the band’s first interview since the video’s release), and also chatted about Lollapalooza, being back on the road and the return of Ted Dwane after having a blood clot removed from his brain. 


    Sam Jones tells MTV News what went on behind the scenes of the hilarious ‘Hopeless Wanderer’ clip.

    Make no mistake: British folk rock band Mumford & Sons know they have a certain reputation — and they’re lampooning that hipster, flannel-clad image in their latest music video for “Hopeless Wanderer,” the fourth single off of their 2012 album, Babel.

    The clip, which as of press time was nearing 2 million views on YouTube, following its August 4 debut, features actors Jason Sudeikis, Jason Bateman, Ed Helms and Will Forte as a faux Mumford & Sons, strumming and singing in a sun-dappled field just as earnestly (perhaps even more so) as the real McCoy.

    With the Internet crazed over the clip, MTV News reached out to director Sam Jones, helmer of the VMA-winning video for “Walk” by the Foo Fighters, to find out all the secrets from set.

    The “Hopeless Wanderer” could have been a dog.
    Jones originally pitched two treatments for the video: one featuring actors and one starring a pooch.

    "The other one I wrote was about a dog, actually," he said. “Like, more of a French film about a dog, who’s kind of lost his owner. The two ideas couldn’t have been more far apart, and I think that when I wrote the one about the actors I was like, ‘They’re never going to pick this.’ So I didn’t really have specific actors in mind, and then they called and they said, ‘Oh, we love the one with the actors.’ And I was like, ‘Oh great.’ "

    The video was cast in about 30 minutes.
    Despite his trepidations, the parody band came together rather swiftly and seamlessly. Jones’ first call was to “Saturday Night Live” actor Jason Sudeikis, who said he was a fan of the band after meeting them on the “SNL” set. Sudeikis then scrolled through his contacts and landed on actor Jason Bateman, while Jones suggested his long-time acquaintance Ed Helms.

    "[Sudeikis] goes, ‘OK, let’s both hang up and call those guys and call each other back.’ So we did that, and we got two yeses. And he was like, ‘You gotta let me bring Forte.’ And I was like, ‘OK!’ It literally happened that quickly."

    Mumford & Sons didn’t pull any punches.
    “Please make as much fun of us as you can,” the band told Jones after casting was complete.

    "I think what they decided was, if we’re going to do this, we’ve gotta just let him do it and not know that much about it. They thought it would work better as a parody if they didn’t have a say in what the story was " Jones said, adding that the guys were “really happy" with the finished product. “I just can’t imagine a lot of bands that would be that cool."

    One of the band members is in the video.
    The band was on holiday while Jones and the actors filmed in April, but banjo player Winston Marshall just so happened to be vacationing in the States and asked if he could stop by.

    "I said, ‘Of course you can come by! It’s your video,’ " Jones recalled. “So he’s actually the close-up of the hands playing the banjo in the video."

    There’s a hair-raising “Saturday Night Live” connection.
    In addition to two acting veterans from the NBC sketch show, Jones called in the wigmaster from “SNL” to help make over the guys.

    "We had the wig person from ‘Saturday Night Live’ flown out because she was the only person who could do four wigs that quickly, and we could make our day," he said. “And she already has all the head sizes of the guys from ‘Saturday Night Live.’ So seeing how they got into character and put the wigs on, and Jason Sudeikis wanted to wear the earring. That was his idea to actually wear the earring."

    Like a real frontman, Sudeikis sang the entire shoot.
    “He was so great. He wasn’t lip-synching,” Jones enthused. “He was full-on singing. I always fight with that on music videos with people. They just kind of want to lip-synch. They don’t really want to sing because it feels weird. It feels phony … So Jason sang those things at full volume all day, which was amazing.”

    But Ed Helms missed his big banjo moment.
    A skilled banjo player, “The Office” star had to play against type as a keyboardist.

    "Ed Helms is a super-great musician, so that was good," Jones said. “It was kind of heart-breaking not to put him on banjo. He’s a serious banjo player. It was tough because he looks a lot more like the keyboard player [Ben Lovett] and Jason Bateman looks a lot like Winston. So I had to say, ‘Look, you gotta play the piano and not the banjo.’ And he was totally cool with it, and I said, ‘I’ll use your hands for close-ups.’ And on the day, Winston showed up so he didn’t even get to do it!"

    A kiss isn’t just a kiss.
    “The idea came about because I wanted to kind of make a bit of a parody of harmonies,” Jones explained of Sudeikis and Forte’s passionate liplock. “Because in the song, I thought the harmonies were precious. … I was kind of parodying more the whole notion of Simon and Garfunkel down to Crosby, Stills and Nash. Anyone who gets on stage and sings together and has that intimate bond, you know.”

    Jones asked Sudeikis and Forte to do the scene — “Those guys are kissing each other every other episode on ‘Saturday Night Live,’ ” he defended — without telling their co-stars. As if the surprise wasn’t enough to have the entire cast “cracking up,” Forte was also sick from a late flight.

    "Winston was there at that point and didn’t know about it," Jones said. “He was just watching the monitor. He came out and was like, ‘That’s just brilliant. Brilliant, mate.’ "

    The actors consider themselves a band now.
    At one point during the shoot, the piano Helms was pushing went off the trail, and all the actors came to his aid.

    "There was a real sense of a troupe to it," Jones recalled. “It’s funny because when we asked them for quotes for the press release, they all spoke of themselves as a band. I think at some point they all need to walk out onstage at some Mumford show and see how long they could kind of keep it up before people realized. It was wild to work with those actors because they’re funny in a very sophisticated way."

    “It’s funny because when we asked them for quotes for the press release, they all spoke of themselves as a band. I think at some point they all need to walk out onstage at some Mumford show and see how long they could kind of keep it up before people realized. It was wild to work with those actors because they’re funny in a very sophisticated way.”

    I seriously agree, Sam.  

    (via sehler)


    Mumford & Sons: “Hopeless Wanderer” Official Music Video

    Whoever brought this idea to the table needs an award.


    To close out the year and as a gift to all of my followers, Mumford & Sons Blog has put together a playlist of some of the best Mumford & Sons concert highlights of 2011!  I’ve taken the time to edit all the tracks for the best audio possible, so these files are the highest quality available.  Here’s the track list:

    1. Sigh No More (Coachella)
    2. Roll Away Your Stone (Glastonbury)
    3. Winter Winds (Railroad Revival Tour/New Orleans)
    4. Below My Feet (Telluride Bluegrass Festival)
    5. White Blank Page (Bonnaroo)
    6. Timshel (Railroad Revival Tour/New Orleans)
    7. Hopeless Wanderer (Telluride Bluegrass Festival)
    8. Little Lion Man (KROQ’s Almost Acoustic Christmas)
    9. Lover of the Light (Coachella)
    10. Ghosts That We Knew (KROQ’s Almost Acoustic Christmas)
    11. Awake My Soul (Hyde Park)
    12. Thistle & Weeds (Bonnaroo)
    13. Lover’s Eyes (Hyde Park)
    14. Dust Bowl Dance (107.7 THE END’s Deck the Hall Ball)
    15. The Cave (Glastonbury)

    16. When My Time Comes, Dawes feat. Mumford & Sons (World Cafe 20th Anniversary Concert)
    17. Home (KBCO Radio)
    18. Lover’s Eyes (Backstage at Bonnaroo)
    19. Ghosts That We Knew (Radio 104.5 Philadelphia)
    20. This Train is Bound for Glory, with Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros and Old Crow Medicine Show (Railroad Revival Tour/New Orleans)

    Click here to download and add these performance highlights to your library!  You can also click here to download the entire playlist as one RAR file if that’s easier for you.

    M&S Blog would like to thank Mumford & Sons for a brilliant 2011, and here’s to an even better 2012!  Happy new year, everyone!


    Hopeless Wansderer - Mumford & Sons

    Mumford & Sons - Hopeless Wansderer

    Mumford & Sons - Hopeless Wanderer performed live at Bonaroo 2011.


    170 Plays



    Mumford Edits Mixtape #4: 9 Unreleased Songs by Mumford & Sons
    (Track list is on the image above.)


    Thanks to Mumford & Sons Blog for posting downloads to some of these songs, they always finds the best quality mp3s :)

    More downloads for my lovely followers!  Thanks go to mumfordedits for compiling them and for the beautiful album art!



    I literally don’t even have the words to describe how much I absolutely adore Mumford and Sons. It’s so bittersweet to see them getting the recognition they so deserve. I feel somewhat selfish in wanting to keep them to myself but. I kind of miss the days when no one knew who they were. But on the other hand I feel like everyone else deserves to hear such passionate and lovely music. It sounds so stupid, but their music has honestly changed my life. Sigh No More is an album I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of. I can’t wait to see what they come up with for their next album. I wouldn’t doubt that they’re on their way to completely altering the face of music. They’re so different, so passionate, so talented, so ridiculously real. Congratulations boys, you deserve absolutely everything that’s coming your way.



    Agreed…and when i find people that don’t know about them I get so excited to tell them how absolutely perfect they are. I even gave a persuasive speech on them for my speech class because I believe they deserve to be heard around the world, but at the same time wish they could remain my little secret and continue playing intimate gigs even though I know their headed to arenas. Oh how bittersweet it is.

    (via ivoryandtwine)

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