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Welcome to Mumford & Sons (Live). This will be an unofficial tip of the hat to Marcus Mumford, Ben Lovett, Winston Marshall, and Ted Dwane. (we don't post personal photos, info, or gossip.) We do enjoy everything else Mumford. Please contact me if you would like one of your photos removed, if you have general questions, and/or requests. Take care of yourselves and each another.


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    hi! I love your blog! do you, by any chance, have a link to a download of the banjolin song / awake my soul? the version on your music player?


    Hi there! Thank you very much I’m very glad you enjoy my blog.

    Yes, I do. You can download Mumford & Sons feat. Johnny Flynn playing The Banjolin Song/ Awake My Soul HERE. You can watch the original video HERE. Enjoy.


    This is a rare video of Mumford & Sons performing “The Banjolin Song” live.  Recorded at the Brighton Corn Exchange on 12 March 2010, this version of the song has an added introduction with special guest, the rainbow xylophone!



    So here’s something neat.  I haven’t seen this version of the Banjolin Song with Johnny Flynn oot and aboot on Tumblr.  It’s a preview/unused version for the Take Away Show.  Maybe you have.  I love it.  I wish I was a bajillionaire and could hire them as my town’s roving troubadours.  And is Ted walking and playing the double bass?! 

    A brilliant find!


    By request, here are Mumford and Sons with Johnny Flynn performing “The Banjolin Song” and “Awake My Soul” (the partially French version!).  What a fantastic concert they give on the street and in someone’s yard!

    (via believemeforalittlewhile)

    Mumford & Sons - The Banjolin Song

    This and “whispers in the dark” on replay on this sunny LA day.

    How anyone can not get into their music is beyond me!

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